I've been quite open on here about how uncomfortable I am in my body. Yesterday, my dietitian sent me a book of writing prompts for those suffering from eating disorders. One prompt was: My Body Remembers:. That made me think a lot. When I'm stable it's easier to say that I understand why my body... Continue Reading →

It’s The Little Things

I took a shower yesterday. I washed my head and scalp, I put conditioner in my hair, and lost hope for a moment. It was a struggle to get in the shower in the first place, but I needed it. It had been too long in between showers to continue on any longer. So I... Continue Reading →

If You’re Manic and You Know It

So much for my good and happy mood. Let me introduce you to "Hypomanic Me." The good thing, is that it's only hypomania instead of my full blown mania. I'm not too impulsive and don't feel euphoric. Consequences are still a thing. I'm sleeping very little, but I have energy, lots and lots of energy.... Continue Reading →

Last Year

Last year is a very hard subject for me to talk about. I was at my lowest point at this time last year. Memorial day weekend of '19, and I tried to kill myself. After having been manic off and on for almost a year, I crashed. The worst low I've ever had. I had... Continue Reading →


Every once in a while people will experience absent-mindedness. It sucks, but it happens. Maybe you just have a moment of it from time to time, maybe you have a whole day of it. It usually comes in three forms: forgetting stuff, focusing on one thing and becoming oblivious to those around you, or not... Continue Reading →

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